Welcome to our new website!

Thank you for stopping by our new and improved website! We are here to guide you around some of the new features the site offers. 

We have several forms located throughout the website to fill out at your convenience. If you would like to give us a review on your service there is a review form located under the "About" tab on the homepage. We also have a general contact form located under the "Contact" tab for any questions you may have for us.   

Interested in purchasing a piece of our used equipment? You can view all of the pieces below the "Equipment" tab and by clicking on used equipment. By clicking on "Details" you can view several different images of the piece as well as the price and description. If you are interested or would like more information about purchasing simply fill out the form on the right titled, "Ask a question."

We also offer several different brands of new equipment for residential, agricultural, construction and short line. You can view the brands below the new equipment button under the "Equipment" tab. Then feel free to give us a call on specific pieces you are interested in at: 325-6754-0602.

We do not have specials available on the site just yet, but check back often as we will have some up soon! Thanks for spending time reading today and enjoy the new site! 

-Your friends at Abilene